Brian has a mix of skills and personality that is quite rare. Whatever the game, trust me, you want him on your team.
- Pete Whitten


Host Reel

November 13, 2021
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What a Night

May 27, 2021

Check out my latest website and design for my late night show.  

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Simplr commercial – music video

April 5, 2021
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What a Night Holiday Special 2020

December 25, 2020

Brian hosts a special night of sketch comedy, music parodies, and more.

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Count Jazzula’s Monster Party – Premiere

October 31, 2020

The premiere! Join host Count Jazzula and his spooky friends for What a Night’s Halloween show. Watch him perform spooky song parodies, tell humorous monologue jokes, and maybe even eat some candy. He is undying after all, which includes his undying teeth… and undying gingivitis. PG-13 family-friendly fun! Premiering right here on Halloween night: 7:30pm, […]

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Tips for Breaking into Commercial Acting in Boston

December 9, 2019

  “Hey Brian, any advice on being a working commercial actor in Boston?” About once a year or so, somebody asks me for advice on how they can break into commercial acting in Boston. Or they have a nephew who just graduated. Or they’ve been doing improv for years and are looking to switch it […]

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